South East Section BKKS
Pin Clock

A novel clock using the Show Pins of the club to replace the numerals. Their set of show pins will depict the 13 different show classes used by the BKKS. The 13th variety will be sited below the 12, where if you look carefully you can see the pre-drilled hole on the face of clock.The other pins are the Club pin, above the 6, the UK/USA partners pin, just above the centre below 12, and two UK “I love koi” pins inside of the 3 and the 6.

The clock face was made from a piece of scrap MDF and an oddment of beading for under £5. The clock movement and hands can be obtained from any craft shop.

This clock hangs in the shed of one of the ‘Gang of five’ members.

This is a pictorial update of an article that first appeared in the South East Section BKKS’ newsletter ‘Spotlight’ in July 2001.
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