Cape Koi Aquarium Collection

Cape Koi Aquarium, run by Hannes Uys, is a leading dealer in Cape Town, South Africa, who originally made 2 pins for customers accompanying him to Japan. These were the small white pin with a Sanke on it and a larger blue pin with a Sanke on it and no year on either .Subsequently another orange pin with an Utsuri on it was made without a year on it either.These were made in very limited numbers. When the demand for their pins became evident, the same larger blue pin was produced with the year 2003 on it together with a yellow pin with an Utsuri on it and the year 2003.In 2004 Cape Koi Aquarium produced what were referred to as their Premium range- with metallic gold colour backgrounds – a very few with no date and the others with the year 2004 on it.All of these pins are hand painted and epoxy coated – and were made in very limited numbers.These are the only pins made by any dealer in South Africa
Mike Harvey

PNKCA Bronze Koi Award

This award is presented to only one person a year. He or she is selected from 13 member clubs of the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association. This is the actual award presented to Norman Call in 2007.

The Ventura pin series

“A new series of show pins was about to get underway in 1998, when the Ventura County

fair decided to change the venue.

The new genius in charge of booth placements decided to put the

koi show next to the tractor pull! Needless to say, the Ventura County Koi Club

decided not to put their koi through the inevitable

migraines. 1998 was the last show the Ventura club had.”



This pin says its the 20th Annual Koi Show but this does not tally with the other pins in the series. e.g. the 1993 pin is the 18th. We therefore assume that its mis-numbered.
Norman B. Call

23rd Annual ZNA SO CAL 1997

This show pin (round with Kohaku on a light blue field) was lost for a time. So the 1996 pin was hurriedly remade with the date changes to 1997. The original 1997 pin was found a few weeks later.
Norman B. Call

The “No we don’t eat them pin”

This pin was made by an American koi club because immigrant labourers kept asking Koi keepers about cooking recipe’s.

The 41st ZNA Pin – KOBE

This pin was supplied and produced by The International Koi Pin Club with the full authority of the ZNA.

Taiwan 10th Anniversary Pin.

This pin has much symbolism.
The shape is in the form of the Taiwanese National Flower – the plum blossom
The blue inner shape is the outline of Taiwan
and the Kohaku is the Grand Champion of our ZNA2002 show.

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