Dan’s Nobori pin collection.
After publishing our previous article about Hard Rock Cafe Koi Nobori pins we were contacted by Dan Robinson, a Koi-hobbyist from the Lone Star Koi Club in Houston, Texas. Dan is a koi pin collector too but concentrates mainly on Hard Rock pins with the Childrens day theme. Dan also made us aware of Disney pins with a Koi Nobori theme. There are three examples on this page, depicting Donald & Daisy Duck, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and Chip & Dale.

Dan’s first contact with us was via the Forum where he and Toen Feyen became the first to openly trade pins as a result of Koipin.com.

Dan then volunteered to share pics of his pins with us and create this article. If people know of any other pins displaying Koi, Koi nobori (Kites) please let us know so we can add them to the site.


The Hard Rock Cafe Koi collection
Hard Rock Cafe(JP)

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