The Judges Pins of the
South African Koi Keepers Society

The South African Koi Keepers Society (SAKKS) runs it’s own judges training programme, along similar lines to the BKKS. Trainee Judges attend training seminars, write examinations and are required to research specific koi judging and appreciation subjects and present them to The Judges Training Committee members.

They act as trainee judges for a minimum of 2 years. Thereafter they become eligible to be considered for SAKKS Grade C certification. All currently certified judges vote by secret ballot whenever a candidate is proposed for certification or upgrading.

Upon achieving SAKKS Grade C certification that judge is entitled to wear the Green SAKKS Judges badge.

Annually this “college of all the current judges” will assess the possible upgrading of current Grade C Judges to Grade B certification, depending on the level of experience and progress of each candidate. A Grade B Certified Judge becomes entitled to wear the Red SAKKS Judges badge.

The next level of certification which a SAKKS Judge strives to achieve, through further experience, is that of a SAKKS Grade A Certified Judge ,which then entitles him to the Blue SAKKS Judges Badge

Finally a SAKKS Certified Judge who becomes a ZNA Local Certified Judge as well, wears the Black SAKKS Judges badge. Why then, you may ask, are there 2 versions of the black badge.-the rectangular one and the one with the rounded top in the same shape as the other badges. The answer is quite simple. When the badge was being designed the manufacturer offered to make both versions for consideration before the full order was placed. With the decision to go with the badges with a rounded top there were 10 rectangular badges in black as well as the version in black with a rounded top. The latter version is the one predominantly used in practice.

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