Meet the team – the “Gang of Six”

Toën Feyen. IKPC Webmaster, President for life,
and the person that dreamt up this idea.

Toën is the reason this site is here, he is also the man responsible for bringing us all together. Toën, is from The Netherlands and has been a koi keeper since 1997. Over the years Toën has taken many roles in the administration of the Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (NVN) – the National Koi Society of Holland, including Magazine Head Editor,Vice Chairman, Show Chairman, and the Voorzitter (President). Toën was the leading force behind the biggest Koishow on Earth, the Holland Koi Show. And besides that he also got involved in the German Interkoi, the German Shinkokai and helps also clubs who want to organise a Koi show with his expertise. Toën is also a ZNA Certified judge. And in that function, travelling all over the world. Toën has been a pin addict since 1998.
Bernie Woollands. IKPC Webmaster & PRO. 
Bern is from the UK and bought his first koi in 1969, but only considers himself a koikeeper after 1985 when he joined the BKKS (the British Koi Keepers Society) Bern has been a member of the South East Section since 1988 where he was vice chairman for six years and is now their current PRO. Bern also held some National positions working on the BKKS National show committee 1994-97 as Show Secretary and the editor of the Show Programme. Bern is a BKKS judge and a ZNA Assistant Certified judge.
Norman B Call, IKPC Co-ordinator for the Americas
& designer of the IKPC pin.

Norm, an American (we had to have one) is another long term koi keeper (since the early 1970’s).Norm an AKCA certified judge, is a founder member of the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society, their first president and currently their magazine editor. Norm is the IKPC’s leading light, being the owner of the largest collection of Koi Pins in the world having passed the +500 mark already in 2002. Norm is the leading authority on American pins, many of which he designed.
…and ‘out of Africa’ Mike Harvey, Legal Advisor and IKPC Co-ordinator.
Mike began his koi keeping in 1990 and was a committee member for the SAKKS from 1994-2000 during which time he served as chairman from 1995-98. Mike is currently the Chairman of the KwaZulu Natal Chapter of the SAKKS and both a SAKKS and a ZNA  Certified Judge. Mike is now the authority on South African pins (see Articles page) and in October 2003 his collection was 330 different pins Were he now at the moment already increased it to over 2500.
Jeroen Dregmans, IKPC Membership Secretary.
Jeroen, our second member from the Netherlands but nowadays living in Ojiya (Japan) has been involved in the koi hobby since 2000. As our youngest member it is only natural that he has the smallest collection but it is growing fast. Jeroen was also on the board of the Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (NVN) as the region-co-ordinator responsible for their Public relations. Also Jeroen was together with Toën responsible for the biggest Koi Show on Earth, The Holland Koi Show. Jeroen started collecting pins in the beginning through Ebay where he met up with Toën. And from that moment they were “partners in (koi)crime”
Vincent Chiu RIP, IKPC Co-ordinator for Asia, Japanese Liason Officer & Interpreter.
Vincent, from Taiwan was one of the founder members of the IKPC. A koikeeper since 1979 and a pin collector since 1998 in which time he amassed over 468 pins (Oct 2003). Vincent professed to speaking Japanese better than his own mother tongue Chinese and offered his services as interpreter to fellow koi keepers. During his lifetime he was the Chairman of the ZNA Taiwan District, and also laid claim to being a founder member of all 6 of the ZNA chapters in Taiwan. Vincent was also a qualified ZNA Local Certified Judge. Sadly missed but not forgotten.
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