MAKC Anniversary Show Pin

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The MAKC (Mid Atlantic Koi Club) Anniversary Show Pin Set.
In 1998 the MAKC issued 200 limited edition sets of their first 10 Show pins in a presentation case with the following information:-
The Mid-Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC) has produced a pin for each of our Koi Shows beginning with our Premiere Show in 1989 and continuing through our Tenth Show to be held October 2 – 4 1998 at Longwood Gardens, PA.

1989 Premiere Show, the pin designed by Wayne Orchard and Susan Boland and rendered by Helen L. Schurr. It featured a water lily leaf in recognition of the show location at Lilypons Water Gardens. It also featured a generic Sanke (a white Koi with red and black markings).

For the second show in 1990, the pin was designed and rendered by Helen L. Schurr. The design included flowers to symbolize the site of the second show at Longwood Gardens. The pin featured a generic Showa that presented a dramatic contrast against a light blue background.

Beginning with the third show in 1991, and for all subsequent shows, the pin has featured the previous year show’s Grand Champion. We felt this was one of the most important honors a winner could receive and perhaps one of the most permanent. The pin for this show was also designed and rendered by Helen L. Schurr. In addition to Joe Zuritsky’s Sanke, the design included roses from Longwood Garden’s Rose Arbor.

The pin for the fourth show, also designed by Helen L. Schurr features colorful autumn leaves as our show is held amidst the fall leaves from the Longwood Gardens splendid tree collection. The leaves have a double meaning, as the name Shusui, the 1991 show’s Grand Champion, also means autumn leaves.

The 1993 show pin was designed by Art Lembke, and features the previous year’s Grand Champion, a Kohaku also owned by Art and his wife Nicole. The pin features three Chrysanthemums along with his Koi on a black background as a contrast with the colors of the Koi.

The sixth show pin was designed by that year’s Show Chairman, Donna Marie Saites and features the Grand Champion Shiro Utsuri from 1993, owned by Art and Nicole Lembke against a bright blue background.

Designed by David Hester, the seventh show pin features the Rose Arbor at Longwood Gardens, our show site beginning with the third show and Jim Reilly’s winning Utsurimono from 1994.

The eigth show pin, designed by Charles Walker shows the 1995 winning Sanke of Bob Bransfield against a background of the main conservatory at Longwood.

Designed by David Hester, the ninth show pin is a Japanese motif in honor of MAKC’s newly achieved status as a full member of the Japanese Koi association, Zen Nippon Airinkai. It also has the fish scale pattern at the bottom from the ZNA logo along with Art Lembke’s champion Sanke.

Our 1998 pin, designed by Wayne Orchard, commemorates MAKC’s Tenth Anniversary with its classic polished gold on an etched gold background featuring Gene & Viola Ewy’s 1997 winning Kohaku.

The round club pin was designed by the founding members of MAKC with the help of Dick Ashbaugh of Koi Unlimited. Our MAKC pins are a wonderful tradition which memorializes all the beautiful koi which our MAKC members have shared with their fellow members and with the public at our Annual Koi Shows.



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