Pins from the Ventura County of California Koi Club.

Pin name/description *pic*
1985 - Kohaku Click
1986 - Sanke Click
1987 - Showa Click
1988 - Utsuri Click
1989 - Bekko Click
1990 - Shusui Click
1991 - Kawarimono (Kumonryu) Click
1992 - Hikarimoyo (Hariwake) Click
1993 - Tancho Click
1994 - Hikarimuji (doitsu Purachina) Click
1995 - Koromo Click
1996 - Hikari-utsuri Click
1997 - Kinginrin (Gin Rin Tancho Kohaku) Click
1998 - 2nd Series - Kohaku Click
1999 - 2nd Series - Sanke Click
"A new series of show pins was about to get underway in 1998, when the Ventura County
fair decided to change the venue.
The new genius in charge of booth placements decided to put the
koi show next to the tractor pull! Needless to say, the Ventura County Koi Club
decided not to put their koi through the inevitable
migraines. 1998 was the last show the Ventura club had."
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