Additions, Modifications & Deletions

Feb 27th 2006
  • South African prototypes to the & RARE databases.
    Jan 12th 2006
  • New South East BKKS 2006 pins. see UK, OTHER & RARE databases.
    Dec 19th 2005
  • Updates to KOI SHOW page.
    Oct 8th 2005
  • Scottish pin added to UK database.
    Sept 16th 2005
  • Updates to Others, Europe plus Articles pages.
    Sept 16th 2005
  • Updates to all Asia, Australia and UK.Upto and incl 2005
    Sept 15th 2005
  • Updates to all American databases. Upto and incl Aug 2005
    June 5th 2005
  • Updates to Australia, Rare, and UK (South East)databases.
    Apr 24th 2005
  • Updates to Africa, Rare, Other and UK (South East)databases.
    Jan 26th 2005
  • Updates to Australia, Asia and UK databases.
    Aug 18th
  • New picture of Australian Koi Associaion pin.
    June 28th
  • Additions to Australian, UK and Others Databases
    Australian Koi Association, BKKS SHOW 2004, South Hants section pin and 2004 show + KoiCare.
    Apr 27th
  • Addition of 4 UK pins.
    Two very old Essex trophy pins, The Northern Section Trophy pin (also very old)
    and the Central Midlands Koi Society pin.
    Mar 21st
  • New pins added to African, Australian, & UK databases.
    Australian = 30yr anniversary pin
    African = 2004 Show pins for SAKKS and KZN
    UK = Crouch Valley and Norwich trophy pins.
    Mar 6th
  • Article and info about the 2004 South East pin.
    Feb 28th
  • AT LAST - The IKPC Members pin. See pic on the OTHERS database.
    Feb 21st
  • Updates to the Afrikan and Asian dbases.
    Afrika - new limited edition set.
    Asia additions - old pewter Shinkokai pin, and info regarding ZNA pure gold pins.
    Feb 5th
  • Amendments to the USA database brought about by the change of server. Now back to normal.
    Jan 15th 2004
  • Taiwanese 10th Anniversary pin added to Asian Database.
    Additional Taiwanese pin in Rarieties database, and Additional Koi Shows added to SHOW page.
    Jan 2nd 2004
  • New pin added to Australian Database.
    Dec 26th
  • Updates to African and Asian Databases. Additional info to the 'Heart Pins' article & republication of the Rarities database.
    Dec 14th
  • New article about KoiHeart pins from Japan.
    Dec 5th
  • Updates to Afrikan, Asian, UK databases
    + a new article regarding South African pins.
    Dec 4th
  • Due to an administrative change with our Host Service we are in the process of republishing the site. The American and European databases, as well as the Forum are temporarily deactivated.
    Dec 1st
  • What you see is what you get.
    From now on all amendments will be logged here.

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