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Koi clubs with Koi pins

Yorkshire Koi Society (UK)
South East Section BKKS (UK)
South Hants BKKS (UK)
British Koi Keepers Society (UK)
Leicestershire section BKKS(UK)
Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (NL)
North East Koi Club (UK)
South African Koi Keepers Society (ZA)
Mid Atlantic Koi Club (US)
Associated Koi Clubs of America (US)
The Oregon Koi&Water Garden Society (US)
Pacific Northwest Koi Club Association (US/CA)
The Northwest Koi & Goldfish Group(US)
The San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club(US)
The All Florida Koi and Pond Society.(US)
Koi Society of Australia(AUS)
The Australian Koi Association.(AUS)
Koi Secrets (BE)
Piedmont Koi & Watergarden Society(US)
South Wales (Koi Cymru) Section BKKS(UK)

Pin Manufacturers and designers

Pinpoint Badges & Promotions - makers of the SouthEast BKKS show badges.(UK)
Domburg Sportprijzen Holland. - makers of the NVN show pins.
Promo Pin NL.Makers of the IKPC pin.
Julie of California. - makers of many US pins. Wholesale only, discounts to koi clubs.
Colmet Plus. - makers of pins and other promotional goods. Including a set of 9 koi pins.


Patti McGhee. Artist, pin designer and IKPC member.
Klassic Koi. a dealer that created two pins.
KoiCarp Magazine - A UK Koimag with a pin.
KOIUSA Magazine - A US Koimag with a pin.
Cape Koi Aquarium A South African Shop with Koi pins
NT Laboratories.
Pins n More, - manufacturers of display cases etc.

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