About the KoiPinClub !

The Founders
This site was conceived, designed and built by a gang of five pin collectors from different corners of the world who have exchanged pins with each other for several years. Although some have met face to face during that time there has never been an occasion when all five have been in the same place at the same time. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, strong coffee and some midnight oil this site was put together in record time. A quick glance at our nationalities will show that we are the "International Koi Pin Club".
Toën Feyen(NL), Norman Call(US), Vincent Chiu(TW), Bernie Woollands(UK), Mike Harvey(ZA).

Toën Feyen introduces the International Koi Pin Club

About the Koi Pin Club
I got my first pin while working at the 6th Dutch Koi Dagen (1998). I soon bought all the other available pins and pinned them all on my cap. During a dinner before the show a foreign Judge, Art Lembke, gave me the KOI USA ´99 pin. During the show itself, an English guy came to me at the membership stand and asked if I could hang the poster of his show in our tent. That guy, Bernie Woollands, gave me, in return for hanging the poster, several pins of his club and from that time all my brakes went off and I totally threw myself into pin collecting. At the beginning it was very hard to get to new pins but through the internet it started to work out. The biggest problem was to find likeminded people with the same “addiction”. But after some while, I became friends with Norman Call from Oregon and Bernie Woollands from England. But still the biggest problem was finding new sources and connections to swap pins with. Of the numerous E-mails I sent all over the world very few came back and only one or two worked out to be great contacts.

Even today, it is still hard for a new guy to get started as a pin collector, and once started it is still hard to keep up your collection, so hopefully this site will help the new guys in the collecting scene a bit, and for all the collectors who are already hard on their way to collecting a lot of pins, we will try to make a complete list of all the existing pins and if possible provide photographic records of all pins.

So for all of you who like to see how the pins look, enjoy our pin database. We will strive to maintain a complete list, but as the amount of pins throughout the world grows every year, we will be the last to say that it is complete. So if you know of a pin which is not in the list, please contact us.
Also you can find a list of serious pin collectors at this site with name, address, club and e-mail address. So if you like some more info from somebody feel free to contact that person. In addition, there will be a forum where every question regarding pins can be displayed. So if you are looking for a specific pin just post it on the forum and maybe some other Koi Club Member will help you.

I hope you all will help to make this site a success for the club and especially a success for all those pin collectors out there.

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